Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Laboratory for Bioautomatics

Laboratory for Automatic Control has equipment for executing laboratory tests in subjects proscribed for Automatic Control Profile and it includes:

Research and educational activities in the filed of bioengineering in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have been initiated in 1983, and three years later, in 1986, Center for Molecular Machines was formed by the Statute. At the end of 80´s and beginning of 90´s the latest equipment in the field of nano-technology (STM/AFM) and brain work modeling (neuron computer) was procured. This modern equipment was used in graduation over 30 students, 12 masters and 4 doctorates. International summer school was established in cooperation with the University of Boston and RMIT University.

Education equipment includes the following: neuron computer ANZA+, scanning tunnel microscope (STM), atomic force microscope (AFM), Multi TV system, 40 hours of recorded material in the field of neuron networks (in English language). For lecturing are used text books from famous world universities (MIT, Berkley, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.) as well as scientific multimedia presentations.

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