Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Belgrade University


Department of Automatic Control has large potentials to participate and contribute significantly to rapid economy revival and further development of Serbia based on personnel potential, rich experience and accumulated, currently insufficiently exploited knowledge and results. This emanates from the lack of facility and process in mechanical engineering technique (all energetic plants, machinery tools, car, chemical plants, ship, crafts, etc.) not requiring quality control for its proper functioning with satisfying precision, quality, reliability, profitability, productivity and safety.

Department development Plan includes maintenance of current, and further increase of research level and quality, cooperation with other domestic and foreign universities, cooperation with industry and other economy organizations through exploiting current and prospective research results in form of joint project for both, direct and indirect joining Serbian economy in contemporary world courses of merchandise, service and capital exchange. It is of utmost importance to exploit previous experiences, contacts and important cooperation with numerous important scientific-research institutions in world achieved by the Department. Educational sector will tend to achieve permanent specialization of educational plans and curriculums, maintaining and further increase of their level to achieve conformity with European and world high education standards and best possible quality of graduated mechanical engineers in automatic control. Tendency for renewing and increasing level of economy experts’ knowledge in economy through organizing periodical seminars will also be present.

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