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Department Researches

Members of the Department of Automatic Control achieved rich and diversified fundamental, development and applied research in almost all fields of automatic control, and obtained very significant results. Some of these researches were financed by the state, and some were financed through direct cooperation with companies in the country. Two basic directions of these researches are:

  • Developing new concepts and control algorithms for securing better system characteristics and
  • Realizing and implementing new knowledges in automatic control in specific plants

Some of the most important research fields are:

  • Stability theory: general systems (Lyapunov stability, practical stability)
  • Stability theory: Lurie-Postnikovliev non-linear systems (absolute stability, robust stability, absolute observation)
  • Stability theory: large systems (discrete systems, exponential stability, Lyapunov and non-Lyapunov stability, practical stability, stability domains)
  • Stability theory: singular systems, systems with clear time delay
  • Stability theory: singular disturbed systems (asymptote stability, large systems)
  • Stability theory: energetic systems
  • Observation theory: (continual systems, Lurie´s problem, observation domains, Laypunov observation, singular disturbed systems, natural observation of linear systems)
  • Synthesis of automatic control systems: stabilization (discrete systems, adaptive control, robot observation), observation and optimality
  • Synthesis of automatic control systems and implementation: observation (adaptive observation, robot observation, natural exponential observation)
  • Neuron and phase-neuron networks: modeling and stability (stability, exponential stability, structural changes)
  • Parameter system analysis and synthesis method: systems with divided parameters, systems with clear time delay
  • Mathematical modeling of objects and processes: thermal energetic processes, heat exchangers
  • Molecular control systems, fullerene and nano-technology manufacturing
  • Bioautomatics and bioengineering
  • Digital variable structure systems: stability (multiple portable objects: linear stationary, linear non-stationary, Lurie´s, stationary non-linear, exponential stability)
  • Digital systems: observation (multiple portable objects: linear non-stationary, stationary non-linear)
  • Digital variable structure systems: implementation from stabilization standpoint
  • Processes, materials, equipment and organic and non-organic chemical technology systems (development of sensors, automatic control over processes and systems, manufacturing control and integration of control systems into chemical technology)
  • Biomolecular informational processes research: implementation in medicine and engineering.
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