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Department History

The first high education lecturing document in the field of automatic control in machine engineering may be find in 1935 when Prof. Aćim Stevović from the Technical Faculty, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department held lecturing in section Regulators and Thermal Machine Regulation. After the World War II this problems is continued to be lectured within subject Steam Reciprocating Machines and Regulators until 1956 when the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering formed the first subject related to this field: Basis of Regulation with Dynamic Treatment of Regulating Problems. Borislav Milojković, docent at the time, lectured this subject and in accordance with the Statute from 1966, it was compulsory for students attending all courses. Manufacturing Group introduced the subject Manufacturing Automation in 1966, and Ballistics Group in 1964 Servo Mechanisms and Computers and Missile Guidance and Control, in 1966.

Although above named subjects derived resulting from requirements of different groups and were lectured in different departments, due to their natural connection and necessity of further development in this field, upon 1970 initiative of Prof. Dr Borislova Milojković, Associate Prof. Svetislav Zarić, Honorary Doc. Dr Milivoje Sekulić, Assistant Velimir Simonović and Assistant Ljubomir Grujić, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering formed the Department of Automatic Control with the following subjects: Basis of Regulation, Manufacturing Automation, Missile Guidance and Control and Turbine Regulation.

The first chief of the Department of Automatic Control was Prof. Dr Borislav Milojković, and other first members were: Associate Prof. Svetislav Zarić, Hon. Doc. Dr Milivoje Sekulić, Hon. Doc. Dr Srboljub Minović, Doc. Mr Branko Gligorić, Assistant Velimir Simonović and Assistant Ljubomir Grujić. Due to exceptional economy need for graduated mechanical engineers in automatic control, as representatives of scientific-research, military, designers and industrial organizations, confirmed in written form, immediately upon its forming Department initiated forming of Group of Automatic Control. Group was formed in 1972, and the first generation of students began studies in vocational section in third year, in 1974. Since then to nowadays, Department, then Group and later Automatic Control Profiles face continuous upsurge and development.

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